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Gary has a BSc in Physics from University of Toronto.

He was trained by Sidney Broadbent of Ice-skate Conditioning Equipment Company and with his Skateology Manual.

He has thirty years experience sharpening and mounting blades
He was the official sharpener on Tom Collins Champions on Ice tour for World and Olympic medalists in the nineties.
Gary has the patience and experience to deliver consistent sharpening with:

・Custom Radius of Hollow
・Consistent Levelness
・Rocker Preservation

・ Very Smooth Edges
・Minimal Metal Removal (for long blade life)

1 Euro per minute (Minimum 25 euro Per order)
Skate Sharpening for Skater:
Skate Sharpening Consultation for Skate Shops and Skate Sharpening Professionals :
120€ / Hour
Skate Sharpening Consultation for Beginners :
2 hours course - 240€, Intermediate 2 hours course 240€, Advanced 1 hour course (contents depends on what you want to learn).
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