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Inline figure skating & ice skating
Classes, Webinars, E-learning and Competitions
All ages and levels welcome!

 What is TCSC? 

TCSC - Tokyo Cyber Skating Club is a skating club that combines both inline and on ice figure skating. Trainings in TCSC are based on e-learning, online coaching, webinars and individual work. This helps TCSC skaters to reach versatile coaches and gain knowledge and skills from the very best from all over the world. TCSC offers it's skaters to take part in online competitions and achieve great results and show their skills worldwide. 

TCSC is based in Tokyo but welcomes members from all over the world to enjoy skating and improve their skills together.

  • You can practice almost everywhere where the surface is more or less smooth. No need for ice-rink or special facility. Can save lots of time and money and still practice your favourite sport.

  • With inline skates you can develop almost all the same skills as on ice

  • Can meet new people with the same interests, compete and improve your skating

  • Spending time outside benefits your health and is safer to keep away from viruses


WHY is inline skating cool?

"TCSC has a lot of excellent content created by great teachers and is open to the world.
In addition to videos, we will help you improve your skating skills and enrich your skating life with various methods such as Webinar, online instruction, face-to-face seminars and instruction.
I'm looking forward to seeing you all!" 

Gary Beacom

TCSC Technical Adviser

Gary Beacom - Canadian olympian, professional skater, coach and choreographer who has developed his skills also in inline skating is sharing his knowledge with TCSC skaters.

Follow Gary's e-learning, join the webinars or sign up for online lessons or consultation.

Lessons are Available in Tokyo From OCT. 2021!
Inline figure skating classes will be held in Tokyo in the fall of 2021!
Every other Tuesday 16.30

​Ariake, Koto City

Every Monday 18.00
Shinozaki, Edogawa City
Please check lesson imformation!
What do you need to start inline skating?

Basically what you need to start inline figure skating are skating boots and frames, that substitute the blade used for ice skating. Boots used for inline skating are the same as for ice skating and vary with the level of your skill and elements you execute. The same goes for frames / wheels/ toe-pics. 

Protective gear such as helmet, wrist-, knee- and elbow guards are recommended to start skating safely.

SK8INSOLL is happy to help out with equipment
Juina skate
Blue Background
Enjoy former Finnish ice skater Kiira Korpi gliding on inline skates
Write us to join TCSC

Thanks for joining!

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