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Gary Beacom Blade Master Seminars

Garys seminar


  • Gary's demonstration and performance

  • Precise explanation of basic figure skating technique

  • Using music and rythm. Learn visually and kinetically

  • Positive & encouraging approach

Gary is a role model for skaters

  • Demonstrations by legendary skater Gary Beacom

  • Historical compulsory figures skater

  • Gary is the only skater teaching Figure Skating Foot Alignment and Athletic Position

  • Leader skater of blade musicality in figure skating history

  • Developed skating with world-wide historical skaters and coaches over 50 years of practice.

  • Role model of healthy lifestyle 

  • Gary has been admired by and influenced many younger skaters, coaches and choreographers

Figure based skating


  • Lean

  • One foot skating

Important part of skating fundamentals that are not covered by current coaching and coreography professionals. 

Avoid flat edge and two foot skating that are not characteristic for figure skating.

Ultimate joy of skating for skaters of all levels and all ages

Gliding, Speed, Curves, Turnes, One foot skating,  Jumps & Spins, Musicality

Price List >>

*Promotional Seminar :  500 euro
・10-25 Skaters 1 hour on ice + 1 hour off ice OR
・25-40 Skaters 1 hour on ice each groups (2 groups)
*Blade Master Seminar Basic : 1,500 euro
・Total 5 hours seminar (On/Off ice) : Total 10-35 Skaters
*Blade Master Seminar Plus : 2,600 euro
・Total 10 hours seminar (On/Off ice) : Total 20-40Skaters

+Plus Cost depending on each trip
1) Accommodations 80 euro flat fee per night.
2) Public transportation allocations divided by number of clubs

    visit in one trip (minimum 150 euro per club)
* Promotional seminar is only once at one club

First of All ...

First of All ...

To make Seminar happen


Provide Ice arena address & dates

Provide number of total skaters participate

Provide detail information in

registration form

After you register we provide

・Blade Master Seminar Flyer

     PPT, PDF, JIF
・Skater's seminar registration format,

    Word or Excel
・Announce Seminar date, time and          place and contact person by Social          Media and Gary's website

What you need to prepare

・Ice Time
・Off Ice room
・Organize 10-40 Skaters
・Send Registration Form
・Send deposit 30 days before

    seminar date

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