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Alaine Chartrand

twice Canadian Champion

Gary has such a unique way of looking at edges and skating in general.  He has helped me with footwork and spins and finding ways to make me stand out in my performances.  Gary also choreographed a quirky and fun exhibition routine for me that I have loved showing off!


Lorna Brown


Gary Beacom has inspired and amazed thousands with his extraordinary talent.

I had the pleasure of meeting and working along side him at a workshop several years ago in Scotland but had admired him for many years before. He is many things; an artist, a technician, unique and inimitable. There will never be another like him. I think they broke the mould when he was born. 

Balbir Singh

Thank you so much for all the energy, creativity and warmth you brought to the whirlwind of the last few days to get this piece made and premiered.

We had a great energy in the studio and based on 5 days R & D done last year managed to make a full length show. Not many artists are able to collaborate in this way to do so. I usually have to downplay it as people can't make sense of how much can be achieved in a short space of time and people usually have weeks to do this. But with the high level skillset we had we nailed it really well.


The first show was good to make sense of it for everyone and then the second one was a settled hour long exquisite piece of theatre.


When we went into this process last August the aim was to make a piece of work primarily aimed at children as the arts sector lacks quality work for children. Seeing how the children responded and engaged with the work yesterday we achieved that and also have made something unique that no one else has concept wise.


It was good to see how your engagement with the audience was infectious and carried over into Abi and Kali as well who can sometimes be a bit reserved with audience engagement.


I asked one member of the public what their favourite moment was and she said the soft finish which felt climactic but in a gentle way rather than a build of tension and energy in the afternoon show. So that was nice to hear.

Olga Maloney

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of the creative process and loved the shows today. 

Blade Master Seminars

Luda Kalenuk

Head Coach, ISI ASIA Director in UAE

I have organized a seminar with Gary in Dubai and I thought it was very informative for my students and entertaining at the same time. They look forward to the next lesson and have learned a lot.  

Kari-Ann Macdonald

Head Coach,

Squamish Figure Skating club

Thank you, Gary!! I can confirm the tired smiles today were great. The skaters were focused and attempting new things they learnt and saw.

Robert Risso


Squamish Figure Skating Club

Thanks again for coming to Squamish and putting on such a great seminar for the skaters.  From the smiles on their faces, they certainly enjoyed it.


Monica Brown

Great Britain Adult skater

M finish_edited.jpg

Sooo very pleased with how Gary sharpened my skates! He took the time to listen to my concerns (my blades are old and had very uneven edges) and skating level and truly did an amazing job giving me running edges that glide! I just go so much faster and smoother on the ice! He is as much a masterful craftsman with sharpening as he is a master of skating. Thanks Gary!

Aljona Savchenko

Olympic Gold medalist,

six time World Champion

Gary i never had such a good sharp!!! Thank you so so much!!!
just ♥️amazing 




I really like the the look of your site. I watched brackets and salchow, excellent! The use of the boards to illustrate the lean and body action was perfect for the pesky turning-outside-the-circle bracket. The whole video is really valuable for every skater to use, I will be using it:} Using the boards for assisting the turning action is very important and also safe for adult skaters, I know you know this. I loved the Salchow video because it gave me what I call a "new golden nugget” of learning. It was a reminder to me of symmetry for the arm action in jumps and spins, something I need to emphasize with the adult skaters. Also, you really have your philosophy down, it come through in the videos; stick with it:} I currently have a "smorgasbord", of thing going on my site and I need to bring it together like you have done under a strong style.

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